'Change Gout'

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Make the invisible visible.

The challenge is to dissolve long-standing attitudes, to turn apathy into empathy, and to spark thoughts and discussions that will Change Gout.

Our approach fuses emotionally-charged storytelling with interactivity to engage users’ empathy, and inspire them to rethink gout.

Once we’ve forged an emotional connection, we provide in-depth data that empowers HPCs and patients to start conversations that will challenge perceptions of gout.

The documentary shoot over a period of 6 months follows Graham a long-term gout sufferer as he embarks on a journey of discovery.

A voyage of personal learning where Graham can learn all he can about the disease while also donating his body to the campaign in order to educate a while audience about Gout.

Agency \ Client:

Langland & Jam3


Directed By \ Dean G Moore

Executive Producer \ Booker Sim

Produced By \ Jason Aita

Director Of Photography \ Ali Khurshid