'Man On [chevrolet]'

\ {digital}



A commissioned test commercial for Chevrolet created in conjunction with MoFilm.

Chevrolet believes in the power of play. That when we play we dream. We dare. We transform ourselves. We transform others. We connect. We unite. Barriers are lifted,differences are set aside and friendships are born.

To highlight this idea of play I wanted to show the beneficial life skills young people can learn from ‘playing’ sports as child.

As a child growing up you subconsciously learn your also taught life skills from an early age by your parents, grandparents and teachers. I believed one-area a child learns life skills without evening knowing is through sport.

The film is a portrait of a retired football coach called Steve Brown. The film investigate the impact Steve’s coaching had on a number a players. The film allows Steve to reflect back on his coaching days allowing him to express his passions, beliefs and ideology as a coach.

Agency \ Client:

MoFilm \ Chevrolet


A Clouded Vision Production

Directed By \ Dean G Moore

Produced By \ Simon J Lane

Director Of Photography \ Dan Evans

Camera Assistant \ Jack

Editor \ Toby Dashwood

Colourist \ Jonny Mills

Sounds Design & Music Composition \ Robin Clarke

Typography \ Simon Van Stripriaan