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A commissioned project won via The Smalls for The Royal Horticulture Society & Grow Careers.

Horticulture has an image problem; poorly under- stood, perceived as boring and not considered as a career for people with talent. Yet it’s an industry of- fering an amazing range of opportunities for passion- ate, creative and highly skilled professionals.-; GROW

The objective for this film was to alter the way young people view the horticulture industry as a whole, and make them consider a a career in horticulture.

To achieve this I knew I had to create a video that showed the industry differently. To do so I based the film around one central character, who’s understanding of the industry isn’t fully formed and thus slightly peculiar. This central figure leads our audience threw a range of different careers delivering his own unique understanding of the horticultural industry.

A tongue and cheeky video that pokes fun at itself, and hopefully changes the way people think about Royal Horticulture Society and GROW careers. I hope this film helps to modernise the industries image.

Agency \ Client:

Royal Horticulture Society & GROW Careers in-conjunction with The Smalls


Director \ Dean Moore

Producer \Sammi Roberts

1st AD \ Peter Bromfield

Script Supervisor \ Duncan Stevens

Director of Cinematography \ Andrew Fleming

Focus Puller James Leckey

Steadicam Operator \ Andrew Fletcher

Camera Assistance \ Reina Hiraiwa

Sound Recordist \ Max McNeilly

Art Dept \ Nicola Wake

Art Dept \ Liz Young

Art Dept \ Assistant* MUA/Stylist/Wardrobe Runner Charlotte George

Runner \ Louisa Cohens

Driver \ Phil Aichinger

Editor \ Jesse Parker

Colorist \ Keith Mottram

A Massive Thank You to all RHS for their support, this film wouldn’t have been possible without their help.